The Eyelash Curler Review– Professional Makeup Artist Lash Curlers Part 3

So far in our 3 part eyelash curler review series we have covered:

Part 1 – Japanese Eyelash Curler Reviews

Part 2 – Heated Eyelash Curler Reviews


While there are still many more lash curlers that we could cover, I only have enough time to go over these popular models.  If you are still interested in finding the best lash curlers, you should check out best eyelash curler reviews for more in depth analysis and comparisons.


Today we will conclude the series with reviews of “professional” and high end grades of metal lash curlers.  While there is nothing particularly innovative about these curlers they are marketed to women as being higher quality and accordingly come with a higher price tag.  Today we will ask whether there is any truth to these claims or if you are better off with a regular lash curler from the drugstore.

ks_zhen_professional_detail_curler The Zhen Professional Detail Curler is the first model we will examine.  Made by a little known boutique company, this detail eyelash curler is designed to individually target problem areas of your lashes.  I like that this eyelash curler is easy to use and comfortable to hold but while I usually like this type of lash curler, the Zhen really doesn’t curl my lashes as much as I would like.This may have something to do with the fact that there are two rubber pads on this curler instead of just having a pad on one side and a metal edge on the other side.  While I feel that the design of the Zhen is gentler on your lashes and much less likely to cause breakage and damage, it is just too soft to get a good tight curl.

You can find the Zhen eyelash curler here.

ks-paula-dorf-curl-up-eyelash-curler Next up, Paula Dorf’s Curl Up Lash Curler is a moderately priced curler for those of you who would like a better quality curler than the kind you find at your local Walmart.  However, this curler is priced just right and is not as expensive as some of the cult favorites such as the Shu Uemura lash curler in this review.  The Curl Up comes in a cool dark grey finish and is smooth without any rough unfinished edges.  This metal eyelash curler is sturdy and I could apply firm pressure to the handles without feeling like the curler was going to fall apart at any moment.  I also like that the clamp is not too severely curved as this means that it will fit a variety of eye shapes and sizes without pinching or pulling.

I used the Paula Dorf eyelash curler for a week and every time I used it I could get a nice curl with just 6-10 seconds of firm pressure.  The curl would hold up for most of the day and I only rarely needed to do a touch up in the afternoon.  Some lash curlers do not give a good initial curl and you will need to squeeze several times in order to get the curl to ‘stick’ (see the Zhen curler up above), but I didn’t have this problem with the Curl Up.  Surely this is a sign of a great eyelash curler!  I will say that the Paula Dorf Curl Up Lash Curler is a keeper for sure!

Paula Dorf Curl Up: GET IT HERE

ks_shiseido-the-makeup-eyelash-curler The last eyelash curler we will review is by Shiseido, called Shiseido’s The Makeup eyelash curler.  While this is not called a “professional” lash curler or named after a famous makeup artist, this is one of those products that you see mentioned in fashion magazines all the time as a professional tool of the trade in every makeup artist’s case.I will say that my test run with The Makeup curler has given me mixed feelings.  First I will mention the positives about this curler.  I like that it comes with a spare replacement pad so you don’t have to purchase a new eyelash curler in six months when the pad that came with the curler cracks and starts pulling on your eyelashes.  Some brands such as Shu Uemura use this tactic to get you to buy a whole new curler and refuse to sell refills.  My first impression of the Shiseido was that it is obviously finely crafted with an extremely smooth finish and absolutely no rough jagged areas even at the pivot point.  Another thing that made a great impression on me is the shape of the curler.  The curler is very shallow and just the right size for women who have smaller eyes and flatter features.  I could get right on up to the base of my eyelashes and use the curler to crimp my eyelashes right next to my lash line without any pinching at the corners of my eyes.

Unfortunately, there is just something a little bit off about the Shu Uemura curler and I had to squeeze two times  at each length along my lashes to really make my eyelashes stand out.  However once I did this the curl did last for a very long time so it is not a very big deal.  All in all, while Shiseido’s The Makeup eyelash curler did not blow me away (maybe my expectations were just too large due to all the publicity and hype?), it is a quality curler that will fit a variety of eye sizes and shapes without pinching or pulling at your lashes.

You can find The Makeup HERE AT AMAZON.

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