The Eyelash Curler Review – Heated Curlers Panasonic vs Blinc Part 2

Now that we’ve compared the giants of Japanese eyelash curlers, we’re going to move on to the newest and latest gadgets in the eyelash curler market.  The theory behind heated eyelash curlers is that the heat helps to set the curl of your eyelashes and makes the curl last longer.  This is based on the same concept as using a curling iron for your hair.

In the olden days women would heat set their eyelashes by warming up their metal eyelash curlers with a hair dryer before curling their lashes.  While this simple solution was quick and effective it did have several downsides.  One being that this could only be done at home where you had access to a hairdryer and an electric outlet.  Another one was that it was really easy to burn the delicate skin in your eye area because the hair dryer would heat up the entire curler.

The clever beauty companies saw this as an opportunity to bring some innovative new products into a field that has not seen much change in over a century.  These new heated eyelash curlers are battery powered so they are portable and perfect for touch ups during the day even when you are not at home.  The very first models of heated eyelash were heavy and bulky as well as under powered but as technology and electronics became more advanced they became smaller, lighter, and easier to use.

Today’s heated eyelash curlers are extremely small and portable.  In fact they are often the same size as a tube of mascara or even as small as a pen!  These heated curlers are also a lot better in terms of heat and curling power than their ancestors.  Today we will look at the three top rated lash curlers in this category.  The first two are both made by the Japanese (surprise!) electronics titan Panasonic and the last one is by cosmetics company Blinc (who also happens to make a great lengthening mascara!).

KS_Panasonic_EH2331P_Heated_Eyelash_Curler First up we have the Panasonic EH2331P heated eyelash curler.  This model is a combination of old and new with the usual eyelash curler jaw design you see in most lash curlers.  This means that you can get a nice firm curl because this curler works via pressure.  The EH2331P is powered by two small “AAA” batteries and quickly heats up in just seconds.

One of the great design features of this curler is that the power button is covered by a flip lid.  This means that you don’t have to worry about accidently switching the curler on when it’s in your purse and wasting battery power.

Another surprising feature is that despite it’s light weight and sleek form, this eyelash curler is surprisingly well built and durable for a plastic curler.  Most plastic eyelash curlers tend to be flimsily constructed and will crack, bend, and warp at the slightest pressure.  Not the Panasonic though!  I accidently dropped my curler on my bathroom floor one morning and not only did it not break, but there was not a single crack in the plastic casing!  Amazing!

KS_Panasonic_EH2351AC_Heated_Eyelash_Curler The second electronic lash curler we will look at is also by Panasonic.  The Panasonic EH2351AC heated eyelash curler operates on a different curling mechanism compared to the previous model.  This curler is shaped like a mascara spoolie and you curl your lashes by twirling the comb from the base of your eyelashes to the tips.  Some women claim that this type of eyelash curler gives a more natural curl compared to the 90 degree angle crimp produced by traditional eyelash curlers.  I think that this type of eyelash curler is great for some hair types but not so effective for straight hard to curl eyelashes.

The EH2351AC lash curler runs on a single “AA” battery which would make it much cheaper to power up than the first Panasonic curler.  There is a heat indicator that changes color to let you know that the curler is at the right temperature and ready to use.

One advantage that mascara wand type curlers have over the crimping jaw type curlers is that there is no chance of accidently pinching yourself or tugging out your lashes when you curl your eyelashes.  Unfortunately you can’t control the tightness of the curl with wand curlers.  This means that girls with stick straight difficult to curl lashes would be better off with a jaw style curler such as the first model in this comparison.

KS_blinc_heated_eyelash_curler Finally, the last item in our heated eyelash curler review is a wand style curler by blinc.  This curler is powered by just one “AAA” battery which means it is extremely light and portable.  The downside to this is that it takes a while to heat up (about half a minute) and it does not get as hot as I like.  If your eyelashes are not that stubborn then the heat provided by this curler may be enough to curl your lashes, but those of use with thicker difficult to curl hair would need to find a curler that gets much hotter.

blic tries to solve the problem of most wand type curlers by including a bar above the wand to help “capture” your eyelashes and push the hairs against the curling brush.  While this sounds like a good idea in theory, unless your eyelashes are all perfectly lined up and pointing in the exact same angle it is very very very difficult to position all your eyelashes in the curler.

Well there you have it!  I’m not going to tell you which heated curler is best since this depends on a variety of factors including your type of eyelash hair, needs, and expectations.  However I do hope that this review has helped you make a more informed decision when you decide to buy a heated eyelash curler.  If you are still looking for more information, check out the reviews on Amazon to see the good, bad, and the ugly of these eyelash curlers.  Though we’re almost done with our eyelash curler review series we are not quite finished yet.  Next time we will take a look at “professional” lash curlers and other curlers designed by makeup artists.  Are they really better than the usual brands marketed to the average consumer or is it all just marketing hype?  Stay tuned!

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