The Best Way To Remove Blackheads – Larger Pores Forever After Using Pore Strips

Biore Pore Strips Review

Puberty and it’s lovely hormones hit me like a sledgehammer. Ever since I have had a love hate relationship with pore strips. Glaring at the giant crater sized pores on my nose was the perfect excuse to put off studying and homework. Eventually their presence became too much I succumbed to the lure of Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. Remember those commercials where the girl peels off her strip, stares at the gross residue and declares “Whoa it’s like a porcupine”?

The pore strips are basically pieces of cloth with an adhesive side that you apply to your nose. When the adhesive dries you then peel off the strip and find all your blackheads stuck to the strip. When they work properly, Biore pore strips are brilliant.

There are several negatives to using pore strips.

  1. Biore Pore Strips are very expensive, at my local drugstore they cost over $12 for a box of 14 strips.
  2. They are very harsh and using pore strips often can damage your skin. If you’ve ever peeled one of these suckers off of your skin then you will know how tightly they stick to your skin. People online have mentioned broken capillaries and wrinkles as a result of using pore strips.
  3. While pore strips will get rid of your existing blackheads, they do not prevent new ones from forming. You’ll get a week of beautiful poreless skin but you’ll have to repeat the process once the oils build up again.

Homemade Pore Strips – Do They Work?

Many blogs online claim that you can replace expensive Biore pore strips with homemade alternatives. Usually these recipes are just mixtures of gelatin with a bit of water or an egg white mask. I’ve tried several of these recipes and have had no success with pulling out any blackheads. While they do not pull out your skin, the only effect I’ve noticed after using these homemade pore strips is that they’ve exfoliated away the dry surface layer of skin.

Biore Pore Strips vs. Homemade Pore Strips

If I had to choose between either spending $12 on a box of Biore pore strips or trying homemade pore cleansing pastes again I would without a doubt choose the Biore pore strips. Although they are costly and rough on your skin, they definitely get the job done and clear out your pores in a jiffy.  Biore pore strips are on sale right now @ at a much better price than what I pay for them at my local stores.

Pore Strips Damage Skin – Huge Permanent Pores After Using Pore Strips

There are some warnings you need to heed if you do use pore strips. First of all remember that using pore strips too often can pull at your skin and cause fine lines and broken capillaries. In addition, if you exfoliate with glycolic acid or other acne treatments your skin may be extra delicate and sensitive. Pore strips forceably remove blackheads and plugs from your pores and combined with thinning or delicate skin you may permanently damage the structure of your pores which makes them look larger.

Retinol and AHA Serums – The Best Products To Minimize Pores And Prevent Blackheads

A much safer alternative to using pore strips on a regular basis is to prevent the formation of blackheads in the first place. A good Vitamin A (retinol) cream, like these here, or a prescription tretinoin cream will alter your skin cells so they secrete less sebum. Over time, it has been clinically proven that Vitamin A derivatives actually shrink the size and appearance of pores. You can also keep dead skin and debris from building up with AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) serums.  I prefer serums with glycolic acid or malic acid.  A good line of exfoliating acid serums are those by SkinCeuticals.

However it is very important to protect your skin with sunscreen if you decide to use acid peels. You will also need to be patient and resist the urge to use any harsh scrubs or pore strips as they can damage freshly exfoliated skin.  To help tide you over until your skin purges all it’s old blackheads and plugs, a good primer underneath your foundation will hide all traces of crater pores, bumpy skin, and orange peel skin!  I love Smashbox’s line of silicone primers and you should read my review of Smashbox photo finish primer here.

Zinc, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D – Minerals and Supplements To Regulate Sebum And Shrink Pore Size

Besides treating the symptoms on the surface with acid serums, the most effective method is to tackle the problem from the inside. Skin problems such as excess sebum and acne are often caused by a deficiency in Vitamins A and D or the mineral Zinc. Once you clean up your diet by eliminating processed foods, sugar, and vegetable oils, these mineral deficiencies are often the very last step to clearing up blemished skin. I personally take one 50mg Zinc Gluconate tablet as well as 5000 IU of vitamin D3 and 25000 IU of vitamin A daily.

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