Shany Makeup Brushes Review

Do You Really Need Expensive Designer Cosmetics Brushes?

“Life is too short to spend hoping that the perfectly arched eyebrow or hottest new lip shade will mask an ugly heart.” – Kevyn Aucoin

Who am I to argue? Kevyn Aucoin is one of the world’s best makeup artists.

The problem is, you still need a perfectly made up face to make a good first impression before anybody will even know how beautiful you are on the inside. The easiest way to improve your makeup technique is to use a quality set of makeup brushes.

Why are makeup brushes so important? Well, using the right tools for the job means you can get better results and spend less on buying new makeup. The most expensive designer cosmetics will still look awful if you do not use the right brushes.

That’s great and all, but a complete set of high quality makeup brushes can be extremely expensive. As you probably know, a natural bristle foundation brush can cost over $20. Just imagine how expensive a 12 piece set of brushes complete with eyeshadow, concealer, eyeliner, and fan brushes will end up being!

How I Saved 15% On My Shany Makeup Brush Set

What if I told you that for most people with normal skin there’s a set of natural animal hair makeup brushes that are almost as good as boutique brush sets but at a tenth of the cost. Best of all you can buy the brushes online without going out to the store and for a short time even get an additional 15% off.

So, let’s get down to business. The makeup brush set I’ve been talking about is this 12 piece set by Shany. You can get it on and here’s a trick that I use to save 15% on my orders. You’ll notice that there’s an option to sign up for a service called “subscribe and save” on the item page. This means that Amazon will ship out a new product to you automatically each month. In exchange, they offer you a 15% discount off the listed price.

Now we obviously don’t want to order a new set of brushes each month, but there is still a way to take advantage of this discount. Just select the “subscribe and save” option on the right column and click the “subscribe now” button. This is how you place a subscription order and the process is a little different from normal orders on Amazon.

Now you’ll want to wait a few days until you get an email notification from Amazon that your order has shipped. Once you get the shipping email you will want to go into your account page and under “Manage my subscriptions” you can cancel your subscription. You will still get the discounted price on the brushes that have already shipped but you won’t receive any more shipments of this item!

Shany Makeup Brushes Review

Set of 12 brushes plus foldable travel pouch

While the Shany cosmetics brushes are not a top of the line set of brushes, you’ll discover that they are much better than drugstore brushes and are equal to makeup brush sets that you can buy for $100+ at Sephora, ULTA, or Macy’s. If you do not have sensitive skin or a highly specialized need for hard to find brush sizes, then this set will  be perfect for your everyday makeup routine.  Here’s three reasons why the Shany makeup brush set is a great bargain find for the price.

1. A Professional 12 Piece Makeup Brush Set

This brush set includes all the brushes you will need for a complete makeover. You get 12 brushes plus a fabric pouch.  There’s brushes for your face, cheeks, eyes, brows, lashes, and lips and it’s all wrapped up in a foldable storage pouch that’s great for travel.  The only thing I don’t like about this brush set is that the pouch is made out of plastic shiny which seems kinda cheap.  I would personally just ditch the pouch and use my own brush holder.

2. Quality Bristles

One of the biggest problems with makeup brushes is that the hair bristles come loose and fall out over time. I noticed that a very thick layer of glue is used to glue the bristles to the handle so there should be no problems with the brushes shedding after several uses. The brush bristles are a blend of natural and synthetic fibers which means you get the best of both worlds. Synthetic fibers are easy to clean and maintain while being even softer than animal bristles. While natural hair brushes pick up more makeup and distribute makeup pigments evenly and smoothly.  The Shany brush bristles are very soft and for most people the brushes will feel velvety soft.  However if you have super sensitive skin or rosacea you’ll want to read my review of the Teddy Bear makeup brush set by Too Faced.  They cost a lot more than the Shany brushes but the bristles are non irritating and completely animal friendly.

3. Unbelievable Price

Just last month I had to buy a new kabuki brush and just that one brush alone cost over $20… For about half of that cost you can get 12 brushes in this Shany brush set. These are not MAC brushes, so don’t expect them to be as dazzling as something that costs an arm and a leg! However they are very nicely built and perfect if you need a set of makeup brushes for your daily makeup routine.

Shany Professional Makeup Brush Set Video Review

Watch this video review by blackheart27 and you’ll see why the Shany brush set is such a great deal.

Get your Shany Cosmetics Brush Set today at Amazon. Just remember to buy them with the subscribe and save option for an additional 15% discount!


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