LiLash Side Effects

One of the problems with eyelash growth products and eyelash growth stimulators are the side effects that often occur with using them. Some people have reported LiLash side effects such as irritation and red eye. These side effects are a double edged sword. They mean that the eyelash growth stimulator actually has the active ingredient that will make your eyelashes grow longer. On the other hand, the irritation and stinging can turn you off of using these products. The good thing is, the side effects are temporary and stop once you stop using the product.

So what are the LiLash side effects people have reported? The most common side effects of LiLash include red eye and stinging. However, in all these reported cases, it turns out that the women were applying the product incorrectly. It states clearly in the product directions to only apply LiLash once a day and only on the top lash line. Applying too much eyelash growth product can irritate your eyes because the lash serum will leak into your eyes.

So what is the correct way to apply LiLash without side effects? First, you’ll wan to wipe off your applicator wand as you pull it out of the tube of LiLash. Then, close your eyes and hold your eyelid taut like you’re going to apply eyeliner. Swipe the applicator with a tiny amount of LiLash across the skin at your top lash line. If you find that LiLash still gets into your eyes and stings, apply LiLash a bit above your lash line. The product will still run down a little and get to your hair follicles, but it won’t leak into your eyes.

Now here’s the important part. DO NOT apply LiLash to your bottom lashes! This is why people keep saying that LiLash hurts their eyes! They are using way too much of the eyelash growth product. After you’ve applied LiLash once a day to your top lashes, just blink quickly a few times and the eyelash growth stimulator will get on your bottom eyelash line. That’s all you need!

Just follow these simple directions and you’ll get longer looking lashes in weeks without any pain, irritation, or other side effects. Using more eyelash growth product than recommended will not speed up your lash growth. Even though some people reported stinging as LiLash side effects from using LiLash incorrectly, there have been no other side effects of LiLash like eye color changing unlike with Revitalash. If you want to be cautious or have extremely sensitive eyes, check out Enormous Lash which has no irritating ingredients or MariniLash by Jan Marini. Both of these eyelash growers have gotten great reviews and there’s no complaints of irritation that I know of.

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2 Replies to “LiLash Side Effects”

  1. I started using lilash a gew days ago and i always get a tinhling sensation wjich is tolerable nut i noticed that my upper eyelids started getting darker in color like it is burned although it is not too bad ,I’m sure I’m doing it properly…..should i continue or stop?

  2. Hi May,

    If you’re getting discoloration you should stop or apply less of the serum. Try putting the Lilash on a toothpick and using the toothpick to get the serum on just the skin where your lashes touch your skin.

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