Diorshow Iconic Mascara Review

Diorshow Iconic Extreme Waterproof Mascara Review

Diorshow Iconic Mascara Review

This is the third review in my Diorshow mascara consumer review series. Diorshow Iconic mascara differs from the other mascaras in this line due to its thin brush and bias cut bristles. This is designed to give you better control in separating your lashes and adding length. Is it the right mascara for getting the longest eyelashes though? Many fashionistas swear by Diorshow Iconic but is it just all designer adoration and hype? Here’s what I found during my one month test drive.

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Diorshow Iconic Mascara Colors

Like the other Dior mascaras, Iconic comes in 3 colors: noir (rich black), chestnut (warm brown), and azure (navy blue).  Diorshow Iconic is marketed as a lengthening mascara more than it’s sister mascaras and I found that it was better for more of a natural makeup look.  Compared to the normal Diorshow mascara (Diorshow waterproof mascara) I got longer eyelashes rather than thicker lashes from Iconic.  I did not experience any smudges or running down my eyes during the day, even in hot muggy summer weather.

Iconic is as thick as the other Diorshow mascaras and putting it on requires some practice. You will need to wipe off a lot of the excess mascara off in the tube especially the first couple times you use it. If you get this part of the application right, then Diorshow Iconic goes on beautifully without any clumps or making your eyelashes look like spiders legs. Very little mascara is needed to get the perfect effect and I found that getting beautiful lashes with Diorshow Iconic was more about using the brush the right way rather than layering the mascara on.

Diorshow Iconic For Short Eyelashes?

I tried this mascara in black and found that like the other Dior mascaras, Diorshow Iconic held up well for many hours. Even though I have oily skin I did not have any problems with the mascara smudging or running down my cheeks. It did not flake on my face and Iconic really kept my lashes curled throughout the day.

Really the main attraction of Diorshow Iconic is the unique brush. I found that the mascara brush in Iconic is much easier to use compared to the normal Diorshow brush. This is because I have small eyes and short lashes. The regular spoolie is too big and clumsy for my short eyelashes and I often have trouble applying mascara to just several lashes or doing touch ups. The mascara wand in Diorshow Iconic solves this problem and I find it really easy to get a nice even coat of mascara on just a few lashes with just a twirl of the mascara wand.


Diorshow Iconic Extreme WaterproofGet Diorshow Iconic Mascara Cheap

There is also a waterproof version of Dior’s Iconic mascara called Diorshow Iconic Extreme Waterproof. It’s pretty much the same as Diorshow Iconic except waterproof and much longer lasting. This is a great choice if you wear contact lenses or have teary eyes.

I have found that the best makeup remover for waterproof Diorshow mascaras is regular vaseline. Many of the makeup cleansers are not strong enough to cut through these tough sticking mascaras without damaging your eyelashes. I just use vaseline to get the majority of the mascara off and then do a final rinse with my regular facial cleanser to make sure all traces are off.



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