Christmas Gift Ideas For Women Who Travel – Stila And Too Faced Makeup Gifts

Is your favorite girl always on the go?  For women who are out and about, the worse thing is having to touch up their makeup in public.  Here are some great makeup gifts that will help busy ladies get on with their lives.


Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Eyeshadow smudges and flaking glitter are some of my biggest makeup pet peeves.  If you have oily skin, sweat throughout the day, or if your skin is too dry then your shadows will have a hard time staying on and will flake off.  Shadow Insurance fixes that problem by forming a base coat for your eyeshadow to stick to.  Too Faced Shadow Insurance makes eyeshadow colors pop so you can use less eyeshadow for the same effect.  Shadow Insurance also smooths wrinkles and makes blending colors easier.  There’s also a shimmer version called “Candlelight” and a “Glitter Glue” version for glitter and sparkle shadows.

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Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Finally there’s a waterproof eye liner that won’t smudge or run with teary eyes.  Stila’s liquid eyeliner brush draws a clean bold line without tugging on delicate eyelids.  Unlike other liquid liners there’s no skipping or bleeding with Stila Stay All Day liquid eye liner.  Plus once it’s on skin it dries up quickly so you don’t have to wait forever before you can start blinking again!  Comes in a variety of colors including black, brown, silver, indigo, and green as well as a sparkle and shimmer version.

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Stila Convertible Color Lipstick/Blush

This all in one blush and lipgloss is perfect for a better than natural look. Stila’s convertible colors come in 8 different shades and goes on smoothly for a translucent pink / peach to brighten up your cheeks and lips.  Not only does these shades cut down on the amount of makeup you have to carry around but they are long lasting with colors still fresh after 8 hours.  The colors are subtle and forgiving so they suit all different types of skin tones.

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Stila Smudge Pot

A long time cult favorite, smudge pots are a triple duty makeup weapon.  This little jar is an eye liner, eye shadow, and brow pencil all in one!  Smudge pots are creamy and dry so they can be applied with a flat angled brush for a clean line or with your fingers for a softer blended smoky eye look.  I love smudge pots because the dry gel formula does not melt in hot weather and it doesn’t dry out like liquid formulas.
A little goes a long way and one jar can last over half a year even with everyday use.

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Too Faced Eye Palettes

These pre selected eyeshadow “themes” are great for when you are traveling and do not want to bring along your entire makeup drawer!  Each palette comes with instructions for several looks using only the eyeshadows in the palette.  Set themes range from “natural eye”, “smoky eye”, to “romantic eye” these palettes are simple to use and easy to pack.  Too Faced eyeshadows blend easily and are deeply colored.  Pair this palette up with Too Faced Shadow Insurance and your eye makeup will stay touch up free for entire day.

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Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush

This retractable brush is an ultra portable and mess free solution for bronzers, blushes, and foundation.  This kabuki has a full sized brush head for full even coverage and quick application.   Teddy bear bristles are not made out of animal hairs so they are cruelty free as well as extra soft compared to animal hair kabuki brushes.  If you have sensitive skin and cannot use normal kabuki brushes then you should give Too Faced’s Teddy Bear hair line of brushes and see what the fuss is about!

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