Revitalash vs LiLash Reviews – Best Eyelash Growth Products


Beauty trends come and go: the bubble perm, blue eyeshadow, burnt to a crisp leather dark tans. But long and full eyelashes are always in style.

Mascaras, false lashes, eyelash extensions– all promise to give you fluttering lashes, but none of these look natural.

The best and easiest alternative to surgical eyelash implants are eyelash growth products, also commonly known as lash conditioners, eye lash growth serums, eyelash accelerators, and eyelash stimulators. Rather than leave you to blindly stumble through all the different eyelash conditioners out there, I’ve compiled a list of the best eyelash growth serums I’ve used throughout the past 4 years. These are my Metics RenewLash reviews, Revitalash reviews, and LiLash reviews.

LiLash versus Revitalash – Which One Is Better?

All of these products worked and helped my lashes grow longer. Each have their own pros and cons, choose one based on your own needs. If you’ve used eyelash conditioners before, please leave a comment and tell us which eyelash stimulators are gems and which ones are duds.

Ratings are from 1-5 (worst-best)

Revitalash Eyelash Growth Serum Reviews


Revitalash Eye Lash Conditioner
Revitalash Eye Lash Conditioner






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Eyelash Growth: 3
Compared to other eyelash conditioners, it takes much longer before you’ll see any growth. It does work, but Revitalash has been reformulated and the new formula isn’t the one everyone raves about online.

Irritation: 1
Revitalash has been known to sting if it gets in your eyes. Be careful when applying it and only use a tiny bit.

Side Effects: 3
Some people may get a bit of darkening on their eyelid, but this is temporary.

Metics Renew Lash Reviews

Renew Lash By Metics

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Eyelash Growth: 3
Metics Renew Lash contains growth factors, proteins, and phospholipids needed for hair growth. Copper has been shown in clinical studies to enhance cell renewal, although the effect is gradual and may take months.

Irritation: 3
There doesn’t appear to be any irritating ingredients in Renew Lash

Side Effects: 4
One of the more gentle products, there doesn’t seem to be many reports of side effects.

LiLash Eyelash Lengthener Reviews

LiLash - Purified Eyelash Stimulator
LiLash – Purified Eyelash Stimulator

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Eyelash Growth: 4
LiLash is one of the fastest working eyelash growth products I’ve used. The other one used to be the old Revitalash before it was reformulated. My lashes looked longer after 2 weeks and one tube will last 5-6 months.

Irritation: 3
Some people have reported stinging with LiLash, but I have sensitive eyes and this only happened when I used too much. Unlike other eyelash growth serums, you only apply LiLash to your top lashes, otherwise it would get into your eyes and cause irritation.

Side Effects: 4
Again, there may be some stinging and red eye if you use too much. Just be careful, follow the directions, and remember that less is more. I did not notice any changes in my eye color or darkening of my eyelids.

Well that’s it. I hope this helps you. I just decided to write reviews of LiLash, Renew Lash, and Revitalash and purposely didn’t include other eyelash conditioners such as Jan Marini, Talika Lipocils, or Mavala Double Lash. These products don’t work! All they do is coat your lashes. For that, you can go to the corner pharmacy and get an eyelash conditioner for $5.

This list is still growing. Do you have anything to say? Tell us:

Which is better – RenewLash vs. LiLash or Talika vs. LiLash.

If you know of any other eyelash growers that do work though, leave me a comment!

20 Replies to “Revitalash vs LiLash Reviews – Best Eyelash Growth Products”

  1. Hey there! I’ve been doing loads of research about eyelash growth products and I’m basically down to LiLash and Enormous Lash. Have you tried Enormous Lash and do you have a review about comparing these two? Would love to hear from you. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Hi Catharien,

    Thanks for reminding me about Enormous Lash. I’ve been meaning to write a review of this gentle eyelash growth product. I have used both and while Enormous Lash is a gentle eyelash conditioner, it does not contain any real active ingredients besides some lipids that will coat your lashes. Here are the ingredients in Enormous Lash:

    On the other hand, LiLash is one of the prescription free eyelash growers that actually contains an active ingredient that will make your lashes look longer. Plus if you are not satisfied with LiLash, they offer a money back guarantee. Hope this helps.

  3. I used revitalash for 8 weeks and saw no change in my short, thin eyelashes. I used renewlash for 4 weeks and my lashes have doubled in length. I am so thrilled. I want to know if there is any concern over turning blue eyes brown, because I heard that L’atisse could do this. Hopefully this system is more gentle. Anyone with anymore info, please share. Thank you.

  4. I find that purchasing perfumes online have saved me quite a lot of money over time, or at least instead of only one fragrance I have managed to purchase two.

  5. is considering Lilash b/c I got stuck w/short and skimpy Asian eyelashes. Funny, my sister has long lashes … I think she was adopted.

  6. how long does it take for eyelashes to grow back? Grant just pulled a big chunk of mine out!!!

  7. Hi, I just wanted you to know I have favorited your site because of your beautiful webpage layout ;). But truthfully, I feel your site has one of the cleanest structure I

  8. I have been using Lilash for 5 weeks. I have used it exactly as the driections prescribed. I have light, thin, short lashes. To date I have seen some improvement from the day I started. I will continue to use the product for the recommended 90 days with hopes that I am just a late bloomer.

  9. The first tube of Revitalash was wonderful, my lashes were long and I received many compliments. Lashes were obviously longer. The tube actually lasted for about a year. My second tube of the same product resulted in a revert to short lashes—most likely because of the reformulation as mentioned in the review. Great disappointment and waste of money.

    I have just purchased LiLash and hope to get the results I did the first time around.

  10. After more than a year of using Metics (both RenuBrow and RenuLash) I was so sad to see it changed to LiLash. Now, 2 months later, I am losing all my growth. Why did they change? If anyone has any Metics products…please write to me at I would LOVE to get more!

  11. I have been using LiLash for several Month now and I also use L’oreal Lash Growth Serum to keep my Eyelashes Conditioned.
    I get so many comments and compliment on my Lashes now! I have had several people ask me if they are fake! I swear by Lilash and it is my best new secret for long “Doe-Eyed Lashes.” If you use too much your lids itch, and it does darken the eyelid a bit. I use eyeliner so this really doesn’t bother me. It’s a small price to pay for lengthy Lashes like I had when I was young. But they are even longer now. Just wish they would thicken up. That’s ohy compalint,.

  12. Get the look of seductive long lashes & full, shapely brows with Revitalash.

  13. I used LiLash for 5 weeks. It make my eyelash grow longer. I love it.

  14. I have used it exactly as the driections prescribed. I have light, thin, short lashes. To date I have seen some improvement from the day I started. I will continue to use the product for the recommended 90 days with hopes that I am just a late bloomer.

  15. I was a user of LiBrow and LiLash and got excellent results in a quite a short time. However, after using product for almost a year, I suddenly noticed large quantities of hair falling out from both brow and lashes. Needless to say, I stopped using product immediately and the “fall out” stopped.
    I do not have any health issues to cause “fall out” nor do I use any kind of abrasive cleaner on my eyes and brows. Have tried contacting LiLash (Cosmetic Alchemy) but suddenly unable to reach them via email or telephone!!

    Have started new product called MaxoLash but after almost 8-9 weeks, not not noticed any changes whatsoever. Does anyone on this site know anything about MaxoLash???? It was listed number 1 on another review site.

  16. Maxolash did not work for me at all jan marini did but eyelashes grew uncontrolled so they were ugly some would poke right in my eye from growth. I do not recommend Maxolash or jan marini thinking about LiLash . Don’t necessarily believe sites from the sites who advertise the product because they just want the sale.

  17. I have used revitalash for almost 4 weeks and I’ve noticed that my eyelashes becomes thick and my eyes looks more attractive. I love this product! I haven’t worn mascara since. No more fake eyelashes.

  18. Don’t know why.. But after using lilash, had to switch to Revitalash. My sister said it went put of business ? Lashes were gorgeous.. Got asked daily if they were real. One day to the next they were thin and brittle and falling out. I just don’t get it. I didn’t do anything different. Got extentions.. Took them out now I’m back to square one.

  19. Hi Amanda,

    Yeah, the thing with lash serums is the lengthening is only temporary. Once you stop applying it your lashes will go back to normal. This page hasn’t been updated in a couple years. For more current lash serums, you should take a look at this list of lash serums for 2014/2015. The most effective (but not expensive) lash serum now available right now is RapidLash.

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