7 Beauty Gifts That Will Make Any Girl Feel Like A Kid On Christmas Morning

Okay, so it’s officially 81 days until Christmas 2011 and you probably still haven’t started on your Christmas shopping yet, right?¬† Well don’t worry, I haven’t either. ūüėÄ

Every week from now on leading up the the big day I will be adding one post each week with the best beauty and makeup gifts for 2011.¬† Let’s kick start the series this week with my favorite beauty gadgets.¬† From skin cleansers to hair dryers and acne zappers there’s bound to be a great gift idea here that will appeal to the women in your life.

Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification  System

This water filter screws into any standard shower head and filters out chlorine, heavy metals, and chemicals.¬† Your died hair color and shine will stay vibrant longer and you will get rid of the uncomfortable soap build up caused by hard water.¬† Cleaner water means softer cleaner skin, shinier hair and savings because you won’t have to buy expensive shampoos, conditioners, and soaps anymore!

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Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing System

Cleansing your face of all traces of makeup, dirt, and oil can be nearly impossible with just your hands.   The result is ugly breakouts, uneven skin tone, and over time wrinkles and fine lines. The Clarisonic Mia solves this problem with a gentle vibrating brush and a simple one touch button.  The Mia even beeps to tell you when you should move the brush when an area is clean enough!  Look for smaller pores, smoother skin, and less breakouts. Clean skin will also absorb moisturizers and active serums better so vitamin C serums, retinols, and anti aging formulas are bound to be more effective with the Mia.

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Professional Portable Frequency Darsonval Facial

Professional spas, salons, and estheticians have used high frequency facial machines for years in Europe.  Darsonval machines are great for clearing pores, getting rid of breakouts, and getting skin actives to penetrate the skin more deeply.  Now you can get the same remarkable results in your own home with this easy to use machine.  The high frequency does not leave red marks and is a pain free and hygienic alternative to traditional massages and blackhead extractors.

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ANSR Beam Starter Kit

Here’s another tool that uses light therapy to heal your skin and destroy acne forming bacteria.¬† The blue light kills bacteria deep in your pores by causing their cell walls to explode (how cool!) and the red light heals skin redness and acne scars.¬† All this is done painlessly and quickly.¬† Even if you don’t have problems with acne you will notice smaller pores, less blackheads, and smoother skin after regular use.

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FHI Heat Nano Weight Pro Hair Dryer

Every woman knows how annoying it is to try to dry their hair with one of those wimpy hotel hair dryers that barely feels like a warm breeze.¬† No matter how much we want to bring our own blowdryers with us on vacation, this often isn’t possible due to the size and weight of most hair dryers.¬† This Nano weight hair dryer solves that problem since it weighs in at less than 3/4 of a pound.¬† It’s about as long as my hand from wrist to fingertips and dries my hair even faster than my regular home hair dryer.¬† The triple nano technology to fight frizz and flyaways are just an extra sweet bonus!

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Philips Sonicare Toothbrush

One of the first features that people notice when we smile is our teeth.¬† Let’s just say that no amount of lipstick or lipgloss can replace healthy white teeth and a healthy gumline.¬† The Sonicare toothbrush comes with a travel adapter, UV sanitizer, and a low mess brush with less vibrations.¬† I really like how the Sonicare deep cleans and brushes rather than whirling erratically compared to other electric toothbrushes.¬† It’s even safe for people with sensitive teeth and gumlines.

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Silkn SensEpil Hair Removal Device

Ever been sick of shaving every morning or sick of paying every other week for salon waxings?  Well now you can get laser hair removal results at home with this handheld hair removal device.  Much like laser hair removal, the Silkn SensEpil works best with light skin and dark hair as the contrast means the light can target and destroy hair roots.  It will take more than a couple cycles before you will be completely hair free but even after just several uses you will notice that you can go longer between shaves and that less body hair will grow back.  The main benefit of the SensEpil is the privacy and convenience of hair removal without going to a plastic surgeon.

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