Best winter warmth goose down comforters

The best rated down comforters this winter – 2014 & 2015

3 comforters that are so warm and fluffy you won’t be able to get out of bed in the morning. Some people are fanatical about their goose down comforters. It’s easy to see why. Goose down is one of the warmest and yet lightest types of bedding you can buy. The down feathers float against each other and interlock to trap warm air in between your body and the cold


Why Retinoids Are An Anti Aging Must Have

Prevent Premature Wrinkles With Retinoid Creams In Your 20s Popular belief is that retinoids are only for spotty teenagers or older women. However studies have shown that retinoids can reverse skin damage in all ages. And no, using retinoids when you’re young does not “speed up” aging or use up your skin’s quota. Retinoids have been around for decades and long term studies have proven this old wives tale to

Cleansing Too Much Causes Acne And Ages Skin

The #1 Skin Damaging Mistake You’re Making Everyday

We spend hundreds of dollars each year on products that promise to erase the signs of aging from our face. And yet it appears that what we don’t put on our faces is what really protects our skin. This remarkable secret to beautiful skin is so simple that you have no excuse for not acting right away. But first here’s some proof for how and why this method works. How


Which BB Cream Is Best For Me?

What is a BB cream and why is it so popular all of a sudden? BB creams started out in Europe in the 1950s as a protective cream for patients who had laser surgery.  BB creams then spread to Asia where a natural understated look is more popular. It gained massive popularity with TV stars and regular women alike and now BB creams are found in the makeup drawers of


佰草集清肌养颜太极泥 Review

从没有试用过国产的护肤品,但是这次有些好奇心,因为这个"佰草集清肌养颜太极泥"是用中草虊的配方混合调配,分别有黑白两种泥,合用起来说是会有更好的收效。 黑泥的功效:是凊去肌肤的汚垢,调养血脉还有清去毒素的功用。 黑泥的成份:配有香妃竹炭,白蒺藜和枫香都是有助提升肌肤的透浄。 白泥的功效:有补充肌肤的營养分和漂白的功用。 白泥的成份:配有养颜四枝汤,赤芍,白芍,白芨和白侃苓。 使用方法:先用棉棒取出适量的黑泥,涂抹在脸上均匀铺展后再轻轻以按摩1至2分钟再置留10分钟左右,待黑泥微干再用洁面棉轻擦掉大部分的黑泥后再直接用清水完全地洗去至干浄。马上在脸部半湿的狀态下,再用以上同样方法將白泥涂抹在脸上之后用手指以划圈的方式轻柔按摩脸部2至3分钟,再等待10分钟左右,好令肌肤充分去吸收營养成分,待白泥微干,再用同样方法洗去和清理脸部便可。 注意:要在黑泥洗净后,立即使用白泥。 用后感觉:说真去黑头的效果是不错,毛孔变小了,但美白就看以后才可奉吿,不过黑、白泥都好有新鲜感,如不怕烦也可试下。 品牌:HERBORIST佰草集清肌养颜太极泥290g 巿场价:¥380.00 产地:上海 买此商品的同时也购买"洗颜专科柔澈泡沫洁面乳12g(资生堂)SHISEIDO¥45.00两样产品合计:¥331.00 如到亚马逊订购可享有免费送货和确保是正品